The LowDown | New golf rules in 2019

10th January, 2019

Source: USGA

Trying to keep up with the ever increasing changes to golf rules in the past few years? Us too.

Anyway, we thought it might be nice to help you understand some of the main changes to consider next time you hit the links.

1. Dropping the ball

Current rule: shoulder height was the required height of ball drop until the recent change.

New rule: Knee height is the new ball drop zone for players now.

How it affects you: Good news for those with shoulder pain, bad news for those with back pain who now have to bend further over to ball drop. Maybe an incentive to keep the ball in play?

2. Take off 2.

Current rule: Currently a player only has 5 minutes to search for a ball before playing it.

New rule: The hammer has been brought down upon those spending their day looking for a needle in a haystack. 3 minutes to search now fellas, time to improve those detective skills.

How it affects you: If you don’t lose your ball ever, then you shouldn’t have an issue here. On the other hand, if you spend half your round in search of your Pro V1, you could be trouble. As a bonus, quicker rounds and speedier play (thank the Lord).

3. Double hit.

Current rule: hitting the ball twice incurs a two stroke addition to your scorecard.

New rule: hitting the ball twice in one swing will count as one stroke.

How it affects you: Following the lead of the tennis world, this will help save face of many golfers on the dreaded 2 hit stroke. Or make for some ingenius strokes at least.

These are only a few of the many rules that have been implemented of late. If you would like to see a longer list of changes, click here.

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