8 Must Have Gadgets
For Your Next Golf Trip

Has your mate been bragging about the latest Garmin swing analysis 22000 GTIX that has been improving his swing out of sight lately? Your boss telling you how the latest ball flight tracer app has taken 3 shots off his game?

Don’t be left wondering what some of the latest technology may be doing for your game. Or even if not for that, at least it may give you another excuse to blame your poor round on something other than your golf swing.

The Sweet Spot have compiled a list of some of the latest technological gadgets that may take a few shots off your round during your next golf trip.

1.Garmin Approach S6:  The Garmin Approach S6 is the must have piece of golf technology for your next golf round. The S6 provides the ability to view 38,000 worldwide courses-it offers overhead hole maps, full scoring and statistics tracking, shot measurement and odometer. It also offers special features such as “Pinpointer” (which shows you the direction of the pin when taking a blind shot), “SwingStrength” (shows swing strength, of course), and “TempoTraining” (helps achieve optimal swing tempo). It is a pretty cool piece of gadgetry which may have you more interested in playing with it than your golf game itself!

2. Ballfinder Scout: Worried about losing those brand new tour balls you just purchased? With the Ballfinder Scout ($179USD), no longer will you be spending half your round sending out a search party for your stray ball. As long as you haven’t buried your ball in the local forest or lake, the Ballfinder Scout only requires 1% of ball visibility to find your ball. Simply point it in the direction of which you think your ball landed, and the hi res camera will pick up balls up to 35 feet away, and guide you easily to your ball!

3. Segway x2 Golf: Tired of using your legs to get around the course? Well, rest easy. With the Segway x2 Golf, you can easily roll your way from hole to hole. This piece of 2 wheel mastery includes golf bag carrier, LeanSteer technology and a wireless InfoKey controller. Not only will it make you stand 8 inches taller to survey your next shot, it is also gentler on the turf than an average golf cart. Hitting speeds of up to 12.5mph, this is the ultimate in luxury golf transportation. It will hit you in the hip pocket though, retailing at $5,995 USD.

4. Garmin TruSwing: If you can’t bring your golf coach on your next golf trip with you, then this may be the next best thing. The TruSwing ($229AUD) mounts securely below the club grip, and will analyse any faulty swing mechanics to improve your shot making consistency. It will provide feedback on swing tempo, swing speed, club path, face-to-target, dynamic loft, shaft angle and shaft lean. It pairs seamlessly with other Garmin watches such as the S6 for dynamic 3D feedback.

 5.    Zepp Golf 3D 2 Swing Analyzer

A motion sensor training system for any avid golfer, the Zepp Swing Analyzer ($249AUD) is a small sensor you attach to your glove. Connect with the compatible app on your smartphone and enjoy a range of swing data at your fingertips. The sensor is able to track your hip movements, the tempo of your swing and even the speed of your hand movements… all within the fraction of a second. It also has a decent battery life, lasting up to 8 hours. But the biggest feature here is the Smart Coach design, which will give you tips on how to improve your golf swing based on the data. Compare your swing to the professionals and see your game improve with each swing!

6. Radar golf system:

Another option to help you find those stray balls, the Radar Golf System ($599 USD) uses Ball Positioning System (BPS) technology to track them down and help save you strokes, time and frustration. The handheld device works together with the compatible Radar balls via radio frequency signals. And don’t worry about the ball meeting golf regulations – it is USGA conforming and thoroughly tested for durability and performance. If you want quicker play, are tired of losing balls (and adding penalty strokes!) and just want to focus on your swing and your game, the Radar Golf System may be for you.

7. Pocket ball washer:

A clean golf ball is essential to the everyday golfer. It plays a role in both the both the amount of resistance to a ball’s flight path and can impact the roll of your ball on the greens. The pocket ball washer ($10USD) fits in your pocket neatly, while staying wet on the inside and dry on the outside. Stop using the towel you haven’t cleaned since 2005 and add this pocket rocket to your golf bag.

8. Spider divot tool

Are you awful at repairing divots in greens? Or simply just don’t know how to do it properly? Make repairing greens easy with the Spider divot tool ($20USD). Simply insert the tool into the turf, twist and then pull up, and you will have a rapidly repaired patch of turf.

Have any other gadgets not on this list you think others need to know about? Let us know in the comments below.


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