Why Your Next Golf Trip
Should Be to Australia

Many images surface in people’s minds when they think of Australia, the “land down under”. Some may picture households feeding their pet kangaroos in the backyard. Some may imagine a group of wanderers wrestling crocodiles as a weekend pastime. But for those golfers lucky enough to have witnessed the beauty of the largest continent in the Southern Hemisphere, they would have been touched by some of the greatest golfing landscapes this century.

Australia, while not as well known as golfing meccas like Scotland and USA, is rich in golfing history. From past great players like Greg Norman to current stars Adam Scott and Jason Day, Australia is firmly entrenched as a leader in the golfing world.

Thinking about your next golf destination? Why not try the land of Oz…

  1. The golf courses: In the recently updated World’s Top 100 courses list by Golf Digest, 9 of Australia’s golf courses fell into the esteemed group. Scattered amongst Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales you will find some of the most challenging and breathtaking course layouts worldwide. From the 9th best course in the world in Royal Melbourne to the Scotland like cliff edged courses at Barnbougle, you will not leave Australia dissatisfied. (Click here to get your free guide to Australia’s top 15 courses)
  2. The course affordability: While paying upwards of $180 USD for a round at the best public courses in the United States and $40USD per round in Scotland, Australia offers great prices for play. In comparison, on average, you will look to pay $30 USD per 18 holes at some of the best public courses in Australia.
  3. The scenery: Hit your drives alongside the breathtaking windswept Cape Wickham layout at King Island. Enjoy the coastal views while playing great courses on the Mornington Peninsula. Whether you enjoy playing amongst gumtree laden fairways or the brush of fresh salt air while playing on cliff edged islands, Australia offers a variety of great scenic layouts which will leave you in awe. Not to mention the opportunity to play alongside the local kangaroo or two!
  4. The wineries: Australia is home to some of the finest wineries in the world, producing great whites and reds, of all varieties. Many a golf trip is often complemented by a vino or two, and Australia delivers some of the finest wineries you will come across. Whether it be a shiraz in the South Australian Barossa Valley after a round, or a sauvignon blanc while resting in the vineyards of the Hunter Valley, you won’t have to travel too far from the course to spot the closest cellar.  (Link to winery website)
  5. The people: Ask anyone who has visited Australia, and 9 times out of 10 they will talk about how friendly the people are. Australians are well known for their laid back and friendly nature, which always makes golf trips that much easier. A welcoming tour agent, a quality bar tender, a helpful concierge; all things that just make the trip that much more enjoyable.
  6. The sport: As like many keen golfers, we are generally also mad sports people. Australia is home to some of the best sporting venues in the world, has a great sporting culture and hosts some of the biggest sporting events globally. Australia has many sporting events all year round, including the Australian Open and ?World Cup Of Golf. No matter what time of year you come over to play golf, there is always a huge array of sporting events to fill out your trip, whether it be witnessing an AFL game, an A League soccer match or the world’s best tennis players in action at The Australian Open.
  7. The weather: One of the biggest factors golfer’s have when planning their next golf trip is the weather. While many suffer through the cold winds and rain of the Scottish links and swelter in the conditions of the Thailand humidity, Australia provides great conditions for golf all year round. In Melbourne, between the months of October and April, average temperatures range from 15 degrees (59F) and 21 degrees (70F) centigrade. Average temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees centigrade (50 F) year round. No more rain soaked golf gear or frozen fingers. Just golf, sunshine and great courses.
  8. The attractions: While many golf enthusiasts travel to play golf purely, there are also others out there looking to escape and experience what the destination has to offer. With Australia host to 2 of the most livable cities in the world (QUOTE STAT HERE), there are many options to complement your golf trip. From the surf beaches on the Gold Coast, the wineries in the Hunter Valley, the array of bars and nightlife in Melbourne, and Sydney, the opportunities are endless to add that little extra buzz to your trip.
  9. The culture: Australian culture is founded on stories of battlers, bushrangers and brave soldiers. Australians believe in giving everyone a ‘fair go’ and embracing the great outdoors. Australia has a deep sporting culture, especially as a supporting community. The prominence of golf in Australia is a reflection of the love for golf and the things it signifies; mateship and the competitive spirit.
  10. The history: The first origins of golf in Australia have been suggested to date as far back as 1839. Australia has been host to many large golf tournaments over the years, most notably the 2013 and 2016 World Cup of Golf, held in Melbourne. Australia has produced some of the world’s top golfers over the years, namely Greg Norman and most recently, Adam Scott and Jason Day.

Picking your next golfing destination is never an easy one. There are many things to consider and making the right decision can be the difference between a great trip and one to forget. We have provided some insight into what is on offer for golfers who may be interested in travelling to Australia to have their next golf trip. Book your next trip in Australia and make it a memorable one!

What is your most memorable golfing destination? Let us know.


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