Why You Should Use A Golf Travel Operator
To Plan Your Next Golf Trip

Are you that guy who has been designated group travel planner for your next golf trip? Booking a golf trip, especially for multiple people, can be a time consuming and draining process. Researching accommodation, flights, courses to play, the list never ends. By the time you have booked your trip, all the excitement has been drained away.

The downfalls of golf trip planning can be made a whole lot easier if you employ a golf tour operator to plan and organize your trip. Although it may cost a little more to do this, it can make your trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

At The Sweet Spot Club Hire, we have compiled a list of how using a golf tour operator to plan your trip can start your golf venture off with ease.  

  1. Use a tour operator if it is your first time planning a golf trip.

Like anything you do for the first time, you never do nail it. Did you ever hit your first tee shot straight down the fairway 320 yards? The same thing applies to planning your first golf trip. Accomodation, transport, courses to play and organising your group are just a few of the things you will have to encounter to ensure you are covering all bases. A golf tour operator will be your central point of contact, managing everything from car hire, accomodation and flights.

  1. They will make it easier if you are travelling with a big group.

If you know the group you are going with at any level, then you can pretty much note down 2 or 3 things that would annoy you about each group member. Whether it be the guy who always forgets his wallet, the one who always has to have things their way, or the mate who has the urgency of Jason Day, trying to manage your group can make your trip turn from dream trip to distaster. With a tour operator, they will organise everything and keep your group on track, saving you all the stress, and saving any arguments between your group members.

  1. Tour operators often have the ability to get you on the best courses.

Unless you are a well known celebrity, blogger or Tiger Woods, getting access to the best courses can be tough. Often courses will require an invite or accompaniment by a club member. Not to mention the prices to play these courses can really stretch the wallet. With a golf tour operator, they have strong relationships with the best courses, and can organise tee times for you and your mates, often at discounted rates.

  1. If you are covering a lot of distance on your trip, an operator can help negotiate the logistics of getting around.

If you are planning a trip that is going to involve multiple cities and multiple golf courses, it is likely you will require the appropriate transportation, and scheduling to match! Planning your way around a foreign country is difficult and can involve a combination of car, bus, train and plane. Having someone who can arrange and connect your trip can be a priceless thing.

  1. They will reward you for being loyal.  

The great thing about tour operators if they will remember you and look after you when you return for another golf trip. They will often look to reward you with discounts for each time you to decide to return and book through them.

  1. Get the best advice on local courses as well as activites outside of golf.

Golf trips are about golf, of course, but everyone enjoys getting out and experiencing what the local city or town can offer in terms of nightlife, restaurants and other sporting events. Tour operators have the local knowledge to make your golf trip that much more enjoyable- giving you the best local advice on everything golf, and more.

  1. Discounts at local courses and facilities.

Tour operators aren’t always able to offer the lowest price for a holiday compared to when booking the elements directly.  However, they most likely will have a lot more offers such as free golf, early booking discounts, free nights, free places and so on!  This can mean that much greater value is available with a tour operator.  Plus, they often have an allocation of rooms and tee times available for them which means instant confirmation for you!

  1. Reduce the risks involved when travelling.

Ever lost your clubs while travelling? Delayed flight? Rained your whole trip? Golf tour operators will be able to ensure you get the proper coverage when on your golf trip, including travel insurance, golf club insurance and ensuring there is a backup plan in case there is any unforeseen changes to your itinerary or plans.

No matter where you are travelling in the world for your next golf trip, there are many things to consider when planning and executing a great holiday. A golf tour operator can ease a lot of the pain in planning your trip, as well as give you some very helpful inside knowledge and connections to help make your trip that much more enjoyable. We recommend you research some golf travel operators as an option to planning your next trip. Click here to find a list of some golf travel operators we recommend.


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