What It Costs To Travel With Your Clubs To Vietnam

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Have you ever jumped on an airline’s website, full of excitement in preparing your upcoming golf trip, then find yourself 10 minutes later slumped in your chair, feeling flat and that niggling sense your wallet just emptied a little more than you would’ve liked? Amongst many things in life, we are often faced with many surprises in life. None more so than when we get hit up for excess baggage charges for our golf equipment. Suddenly your trip has gone from excitement to despair.

Of recent times, we are facing an ever increasing theme of airlines charging for extra services. Entertainment, food, beverages, surcharges, levies. Excess baggage fees for sporting equipment puts the cherry on top. We have come up with a summary of what you might face when logging on to book your next golf holiday to Vietnam to help you understand what airlines will and won’t look after you on your trip.

International Baggage Fees to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines

Golf equipment is included within your checked baggage allowance with Vietnam Airlines. However, they will charge you if you go over their normal baggage allowance. VA segment there checked baggage allowance via zones. If you are travelling from either Australia, Germany, France or the UK expect to pay an additional $45USD for each +5kg and $90USD for +10kg above the allowed 20kg checked baggage. So if you are carrying 30kg of bags and clubs, you could be hit with a $90USD fee one way!

If you are travelling from China, Korea or Japan checked baggage up to 20kg is included in your basic fare. Expect to pay an additional $25USD for +5kg or $50USD for +10kg of luggage added on top of the allowed 20kg. That means a potential surcharge of up to $100USD to get your clubs there and back.


If you are travelling to Vietnam and want to fit in some golf but don’t want to pay extra for a premium fare, Jetstar’s Lite Fare will charge you a fee of $80AUD for your clubs just to get them from Australia to Vietnam.

Upgrading to a more expensive fare will allow you to pay less for any excess baggage charges.

In addition to the checked baggage fees, Jetstar will charge you a handling fee for any item exceeding 1m in length (which generally clubs do at an average of 1.3 in length). Look to pay an additional $25AUD to get your clubs over there.

If you have forgotten to pay for your extra baggage on top of your allowed baggage, expect to pay $100AUD to add an extra 15kg baggage to your fare one way at the airport.

Royal Brunei

Golf equipment is included within your checked baggage allowance with Royal Brunei. They allow free baggage <40kg for business class fares and 30kg for economy class. While their fares a little more pricey than other budget airlines, there allowance for extra baggage is more generous.

While Royal Brunei help you out with your clubs below 30kg, it gets quite pricey once you breach this mark. Anything above these amounts will result in fees incurred. Add +5kg above 30kg allowance and you will look to pay 205USD, travelling from Melbourne. You are looking at 338USD if adding an additional 10kg of baggage.

Might be a good idea to stay under the 30kg!

Air Asia

Air Asia don’t allow free checked baggage for economy. If you purchase a business class fare you will be allowed <20kg included in your fare. Air Asia charge an additional "sports fee" for sporting items, including golf clubs. Look to pay an additional +25USD + your baggage fee for any baggage allowance up to 20 Kg.

Excess baggage fares charge by Air Asia range from 15USD – 32 USD for baggage weights up to 20 Kg, 32-40USD up to 25 Kg and 46-58USD for up to 30kg.

So for a one way flight to Vietnam carrying 25kg of baggage including your clubs, you are looking at 65USD on top of your flight fare. Ouch!

Thai Airlines

Golf equipment is included within your checked baggage allowance with Thai Airways for international flights.

Checked allowance ranges from 30kg for economy to 50kg for first class fares.

Depending on where you are travelling from, expect to pay an additional amount per kg for any baggage that goes in excess of the allowed. For flights into Vietnam from Australia you may look to pay $40USD for each additional kg over your checked baggage allowance. This jumps up to 70USD per kg for flights from European countries!

You may pay in excess of $200USD just to get your clubs to Vietnam.

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airways accepts any sporting equipment as checked baggage as part of the passenger’s free checked baggage allowance mentioned on the ticket.

Any sporting equipment which exceeds the free allowance will be subject to excess baggage rates.

Qatar allows free checked baggage of 30kg for economy fares, 40kg for business fares and 50kg for first class fares.

If you exceed your baggage allowance need to squeeze your clubs (must be <15kg), expect to be hit with a 560USD fee to get them to Vietnam!!

Singapore Airlines

Golf equipment is included within your checked baggage allowance with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines allows free checked baggage of 30kg for economy fares, 40kg for business fares and 50kg for first class fares.

Expect to pay an additional 18USD per each additional kg above the allowed baggage limit, for trips from Australia, Japan and Korea. Pay 24USD per additional kg for trips from European countries and 120USD per additional bag if travelling from USA.

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