7 Reasons Why Renting Your Clubs Is The Smart Way To Travel

December 19th, 2017

While many of us can’t notion the thought of parting ways with our golf clubs while travelling to play golf, often dealing with the hassles of travelling with your clubs can cause just as much pain. We have outlined a number of reasons why you might choose to leave your clubs at home and hire them, and enjoy a smarter way to travel.

Lost or damaged clubs


Everyone has the same thoughts when they are checking in luggage… please arrive safely and unharmed! Suitcases are generally pretty tough these days and can withstand quite a bit of force from baggage handling staff. . It does however become more risky when the likelihood of damage increases if you want to take your precious golf clubs with you on a golf trip. Do baggage handlers generally care about the contents of your luggage? My bet is unlikely.. Enter a simple google search of  “baggage handlers throwing bags” to get an idea of what truly occurs on the tarmac… Would you really want to trust them with your golf clubs?

When you come out of your flight and you are waiting at the carousel, you are begging, even pleading in the back of your head for your luggage to arrive.. It usually does, but imagine that luggage was your golf clubs and you had a round booked in 3 hours time? Lost golf clubs will cause all sorts of issues for your trip. This is particularly likely with international trips which include a stopover, no more so than a long haul trip to Australian shores. SITA reports that 47 percent of delayed bags were in the process of being transferred (SITA, 2017). Clubs are no good to you when you are on the 1st tee at Barnbougle and your Taylormade’s are sitting in the Hawaiian airport oversized baggage claim.

You’ve probably heard some horror stories of lost clubs, and this is not exclusive to us mere mortal golfers, professional golfers aren’t safe either. Russell Henley’s golf clubs were lost the week he was supposed to be warming up for The Masters in 2015. Poor Russ. This obviously has a knock on effect which would be larger than the average person losing their clubs, but you get the picture.

To give you an idea of the extent of this problem of recent times, lost luggage cost airlines around the world $2.1 billion in 2016, according to SITA. A stat which makes you feel the garage may be a good place for your clubs to sit while you fly the world.

Avoid excess baggage charges


Unless you fly regularly and you are blessed with 100’s of kilos for luggage allowance via a premium fare, generally speaking you are likely to be nervous about how much your luggage weighs. Let’s say for example you are flying from the UK to Australia on an Emirates flight… You can expect to pay 50GBP for each additional KG of luggage that exceeds your checked allowance. This means, that if you have a checked luggage allowance of 20kg and you have a suitcase and a golf club set that equal 30kg (not uncommon) you would be up for 500gbp on top of what you have already paid. Ouch.

Generally, some airlines are better than others with golf baggage fees, which we have outlined in an article you can read more about here.

In 2016, U.S. airlines collected almost $4.2 billion in baggage fees, which gives you a fairly solid idea of level of wallet emptying required to get bags to a destination.

Excess baggage charges are a golf trip killer and one that travellers, especially golfers, should work hard to avoid.

But how is one meant to avoid these costs when travelling? Leave your clubs at home and hire.

Effort with travelling with clubs


Even after you have just spent hours packing your golf gear for your trip meticulously, you are now faced with the daunting aspect of lugging your clubs through the wonderful world of airline travel.

Generally traveling with clubs is a hassle, but that feeling you get when you have a backpack, a 20kg suitcase and a set of golf clubs to lug around is a terrible one. It is usually heavy, awkward and you will likely just hate the thought of it all together.

Simple things like fitting all of your bags into the cab on the way to the airport, getting from the cab to the luggage drop-off area and finally repeating this at the other end of the flight. It may leave you feeling it is just not worth it in the end. Also if there is a group of you, you might need to upgrade to a costly maxi cab or multiple cabs just to transport you and your bags to your hotel. All before you have even hit your first ball!

No customs nightmares

Customs, a place that every commuter dreads. Especially those who are likely to have to declare something. Long lines, hot rooms and not to mention the prison like baggage search can ruin a trip before it even started.

Australian customs are no different in nature. Customs officers do not like soil, mud or clay coming into the country, and have some very strict conditions for declaring items. Therefore, you can either decide to rigorously clean your clubs prior to getting them on the plane, or you can choose to declare.

Either way, this is a hassle no golfer wants to go through.

Proper Travel Bag


Golf club bags vary in size and weight depending on personal preference. If you prefer to carry your clubs when you play, you may prefer the lightweight golf club bags. This type of bag is not conducive to traveling on planes based on the lack of rigidity and strength, placing your clubs in danger of breakage

In order to travel with clubs safely, most airlines suggest having a proper travel bag or hard case. Without one of these cases (You are generally looking at $150 USD + for a soft case) you are also potentially waving your travel insurance. Often these days many airlines will not cover your golf clubs under insurance if you are travelling with a soft cover bag, but only a hard case. Hard case bags are heavy and costly, and also put you at risk of tipping over your baggage limit, while you may need to empty your wallet a little further to purchase insurance if you only case your clubs in a soft cover bag.

If you can’t be bothered spending the money for a golf case or for the insurance needed to cover your clubs, then renting your clubs is a smart and stress free option.

 Golf is not the sole purpose of the trip

If you travel a lot for work both interstate and internationally, you are often jam packed with meetings the whole time. However, let’s say that the 3 day conference happens to be cut short and you have a spare 4 hours, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a set of golf clubs turn up at your golf course or hotel of choice right when you need them?

If you have ever been faced with lugging a set of clubs around for a 4 day work trip to play one round of golf, you can understand the pain experienced. Is it worth it? At The Sweet Spot Club Hire, we make this possible, by delivering premium clubs to where you want, making that business trip that much easier and simple.

Picture this. It is your wife’s 40th birthday and you get a group of couples together to surprise her with a 10 day winery tour in the very popular Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Victoria. The sole purpose of this trip is to relax, drink wine and have fun with your friends. Let’s say you jump on Google and realize that there are 4 – 5 brilliant golf courses in the Yarra Valley that you would love to spend a morning or 2 trying out. Dragging clubs around with you for 10 days, getting in and out of cars, changing hotels etc does not sound like an attractive proposition. Avoid this inconvenience and enjoy your times with close friends, not worrying about how you are going to babysit your golf clubs.

Old Golf Clubs


There are 2 problems that arise when you are faced with the possibility of playing with old, worn out golf clubs.Often, golfers are extremely disappointed when the golf course they are playing suggests they can hire clubs at the course and they find that they are missing a 5 iron, the grips are all worn out and there are severe scratches on the face of the club. This does not do much for your confidence, nor for the enjoyment of your round.

Furthermore, golf clubs have a shelf life. If you play golf often enough with your own clubs, eventually they will wear out and you will need to replace them. This could be anywhere between 3 and 8 years (depending on how many trees you take along the way with you!).

These days, golf clubs are a significant expense that sometimes families can do without… Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a brand new set out and trial them before you go ahead and spend $4000 on a new set without trying them for a full round?

By offering the latest in premium golf technology from leading brands in TaylorMade and Callaway, The Sweet Spot Club Hire offers a great solution to those dusty old clubs you hauled from overseas. 

The Sweet Spot Club Hire is an online golf equipment hire service, which allows the hire of the latest to market golf clubs, delivered directly to your accommodation or golf course of choice in Australia.

Book your set now and make your next trip simple!


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