5 Reasons Why Shipping Your Clubs Is The Smart Way To Travel

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October 31st, 2018

There is a new way to golf travel in Australia. No longer do you have to wait for hours while your clubs arrive at oversize baggage and spend time recovering from that biceps strain in your arm from dragging your clubs around the airport and in and out of cars. Don’t worry about your clubs arriving in pieces after being thrown around in transit by airport baggage handlers. Often, dealing with the hassles of travelling with your golf clubs can be a key contributor to some high stress levels while travelling. So what’s the solution?

Well, following in the footsteps from the hugely successful ShipSticks franchise in USA, The Sweet Spot Club Courier now offers you the chance to relax on your golf trip, letting us do all the hard work for you. Have your clubs picked up from your location and delivered to your destination in Australia. Simple!

We have outlined a number of reasons why you might choose to ship your golf clubs and enjoy a smarter way to travel.

Lost or damaged clubs

ship golf clubs

Everyone has the same thoughts when they are checking in luggage… please arrive safely and unharmed! Suitcases are generally pretty tough these days and can withstand quite a bit of force from baggage handling staff. . It does however become more risky when the likelihood of damage increases if you want to take your precious golf clubs with you on a golf trip. Do baggage handlers generally care about the contents of your luggage? Our bet is unlikely.. Enter a simple google search of  “baggage handlers throwing bags” to get an idea of what truly occurs on the tarmac… Would you really want to trust them with your golf clubs?

You’ve probably heard some horror stories of lost clubs, and this is not exclusive to us mere mortal golfers, professional golfers aren’t safe either. Russell Henley’s golf clubs were lost the week he was supposed to be warming up for The Masters in 2015. Poor Russ. This obviously has a knock on effect which would be larger than the average person losing their clubs, but you get the picture.

To give you an idea of the extent of this problem of recent times, lost luggage cost airlines around the world $2.1 billion in 2016, according to SITA. A stat which makes you feel maybe the best place for your clubs are in the hands of those you can trust *cough* *cough* TSS Club Courier. 

Avoid excess baggage charges


Unless you fly regularly and you are blessed with 100’s of kilos for luggage allowance via a premium fare, generally speaking you are likely to be nervous about how much your luggage weighs. Let’s say for example you are flying from Brisbane to Barnbougle in Tasmania on standard Jetstar flight… You can expect to pay $25AUD each way just to get your clubs to the destination. Generally, some Aussie airlines are better than others with golf baggage fees, which we have outlined in an article you can read more about here.

In 2016, U.S. airlines collected almost $4.2 billion in baggage fees, which gives you a fairly solid idea of level of wallet emptying required to get bags to a destination.

Excess baggage charges are a golf trip killer and one that travellers, especially golfers, should work hard to avoid. Not to mention they aren’t covered by insurance. 

Effort of travelling with clubs


Even after you have just spent hours packing your golf gear for your trip meticulously, you are now faced with the daunting aspect of lugging your clubs through the wonderful world of airline travel.

Generally traveling with clubs is a hassle, but that feeling you get when you have a backpack, a 20kg suitcase and a set of golf clubs to lug around is a terrible one. It is usually heavy, awkward and you will likely just hate the thought of it all together. Add your family’s bags to this scenario and it’s a perfect recipe for a headache. 

Have the peace of mind with insurance cover


One of the downfalls of taking your golf clubs on a domestic Australian flight is that they generally are not covered under any insurance policy. Think the airlines cover your clubs if they are damaged in transit? Think again.

By shipping your golf clubs with a service such as The Sweet Spot Club Courier, you can travel with the peace of mind that they are in safe hands, with the bonus of being covered by free insurance to give you that extra bit of relief. When you place so much time into measuring, analysing and designing clubs that fit you and your game, why would you place them in the hands of the unknown?

Golf is not the sole purpose of the trip

ship golf clubs

If you travel a lot for work both interstate and internationally, you are often jam packed with meetings the whole time. However, let’s say that the 3 day conference happens to be cut short and you have a spare 4 hours, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a set of golf clubs turn up at your golf course or hotel of choice right when you need them?

If you have ever been faced with lugging a set of clubs around for a 4 day work trip to play one round of golf, you can understand the pain experienced. Is it worth it? At The Sweet Spot Club Courier, we make this possible, by delivering your clubs to where you want, making that business trip that much easier and simple.

Picture this. It is your wife’s 40th birthday and you get a group of couples together to surprise her with a 10 day winery tour in the very popular Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Victoria. The sole purpose of this trip is to relax, drink wine and have fun with your friends. Let’s say you jump on Google and realize that there are 4 – 5 brilliant golf courses in the Yarra Valley that you would love to spend a morning or 2 trying out. Dragging clubs around with you for 10 days, getting in and out of cars, changing hotels etc does not sound like an attractive proposition. Avoid this inconvenience and enjoy your times with close friends, not worrying about how you are going to babysit your golf clubs.

The Sweet Spot Club Courier is an online golf equipment shipping service, which allows the pickup and delivery of your clubs directly to your accommodation or golf course of choice in Australia.

Book your shipment now and make your next trip simple!


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